Don’t Stop

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White Matted Lithograph, Black Matted Lithograph, 16×24 Open Edition, 24×36 Limited Edition, 36×54 Limited Edition

2 reviews for Don’t Stop

  1. mmccurley770

    I go to Marci Gras each year and I had the pleasure of meeting Peter O’neill and his wife at his gallery on Royal Street a couple of years ago. I also ran into him last year as well. Honestly, I have been going into his gallery for years and I just find myself losing track of time when I go into his gallery and start looking at his work. I don’t come from money and how I wish I could own an original, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. But when I met Mr. O’Neill that day, and we spoke for a little while and he could……… I’d like to think,…. he could see how much I had come to love his work, even if it was just being able to come into his gallery and look each time I visited NOLA. It was that day that he could see how much I wanted a piece to take home and he priced a piece for me that was a few hundred dollars lower than what he normally sold the piece for. I know that he made that price special for me because he could see how much I truly love his work. My little sis was there with me and when I picked out the piece that I was going to buy, “Don’t Stop”, we were both trilled. She also loved the piece and told me that I would have to put it in my will to her, lol. She did not waste time at staking her claim to it and I told her consider it down. There’s no way I’m ever selling it. Not a day goes by that I “Don’t Stop” and look at that piece hanging in my home. It’s my favorite piece. I always look forward to my visits to NOLA just so that I can go back into his gallery, and maybe run into him again, but mostly, just to look at all of the amazing works of art. ~M. McCurley

  2. chris

    We stumbled upon Peter O’Neill’s New Orleans gallery and are beyond happy that we did. His work is beyond amazing and was Exactly what we have been looking for. We wanted something erotic and edgy, but still tastefully done, and boy did we find it. So many of Peter’s paintings held some kind of meaning for us, which made it really hard to choose. After spending easily a couple hours of staring at his work, we narrowed it down to three pieces… “Making The First Move”, “Don’t Stop”, and ” Languorous”. Each was so very personal to us, so… We had no choice but to buy all three paintings! After seeing his work first hand, we are also commissioning Mr. O’Neill for some original work! In addition to the incredible artwork, something also has to be said for the amazing staff in his gallery. They were so very helpful and informative, both before and after the purchase. Mr. O’Neill and his staff are so patient and accommodating. They take the time to explain each piece, and they treat you like you are the only customer in the gallery. Even if art is not really your thing, if you are ever in New Orleans, don’t even think about leaving there without checking it out. If you do go, I guarantee you will leave wanting more!

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