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Don’t Stop

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White Matted Lithograph, Black Matted Lithograph, 16×24 Open Edition, 24×36 Limited Edition, 36×54 Limited Edition

1 review for Don’t Stop

  1. mmccurley770

    I go to Marci Gras each year and I had the pleasure of meeting Peter O’neill and his wife at his gallery on Royal Street a couple of years ago. I also ran into him last year as well. Honestly, I have been going into his gallery for years and I just find myself losing track of time when I go into his gallery and start looking at his work. I don’t come from money and how I wish I could own an original, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. But when I met Mr. O’Neill that day, and we spoke for a little while and he could……… I’d like to think,…. he could see how much I had come to love his work, even if it was just being able to come into his gallery and look each time I visited NOLA. It was that day that he could see how much I wanted a piece to take home and he priced a piece for me that was a few hundred dollars lower than what he normally sold the piece for. I know that he made that price special for me because he could see how much I truly love his work. My little sis was there with me and when I picked out the piece that I was going to buy, “Don’t Stop”, we were both trilled. She also loved the piece and told me that I would have to put it in my will to her, lol. She did not waste time at staking her claim to it and I told her consider it down. There’s no way I’m ever selling it. Not a day goes by that I “Don’t Stop” and look at that piece hanging in my home. It’s my favorite piece. I always look forward to my visits to NOLA just so that I can go back into his gallery, and maybe run into him again, but mostly, just to look at all of the amazing works of art. ~M. McCurley

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