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Two Minutes of Silence


The Peter O'Neill Story

In 1996, Peter boarded a grey hound bus out of the Port Authority in New York City, destined for St. Augustine, FL and the future that awaited him. He picked up a paintbrush for the first time, and 36 years of life ran as thick as oil paint. Being entirely self-taught allows Peter to paint raw emotion. These emotional studies and partially nude figures are what set him apart from others. O’Neill’s iconic image, “Two Minutes of Silence”, depicting a kneeling firefighter, was his response to 9/11 and had an effect across the nation and overseas as the world mourned. This image was used to raise over a million dollars for the relief fund. He has become one of the most sought after artists in the country, with his original oils selling before they dry! CBS referenced O’Neill as “one of the fastest rising talents in America”. Peter has been commissioned by country star Martina McBride. His work is collected by the likes of Nascar racer Brian Vickers, Governor George Pataki and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York.